7 symptoms of diabetes you can’t ignore

Diabetes is a disease that influences 371 million people worldwide, and 187 of them aren’t even aware they have this disease, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). As if the disease wasn’t dangerous enough, living life with diabetes without it being diagnosed is extremely dangerous.

Here are 7 serious signals for diabetes that everyone should know:

Increased thirst
Do you wake up in the middle of the night with dry mouth? Do you crave water every few minutes? Even though it is healthy to consume a good amount of water every day, the increased need of water is actually a symptom named polydipsia.

When you have diabetes, your body builds up excessive amounts of sugar (glucose) in your blood. Your kidneys are forced to work overtime and if they cant keep up, the excessive sugar ends up in your urine. This often leads to increased urination, which makes you lose more fluids and therefore have an increased need for water.

Spots on your skin
Another reason to check your skin every day for irregularities. If you find dark spots on your skin that look like they are growing of multiplying, immediately consult your doctor seeing as this is a sign of diabetes.

Weight loss
Usually speaking, diabetes makes you gain weight, but weight loss is also a symptom. When you lose sugar by frequently urinating, you also lose calories. This is mostly the case when you have type 1 diabetes.

When you get a wound and it doesn’t heal quickly, be mindful that a slower healing time is a common symptom of diabetes. Doctors found that infections occur more often when you suffer from diabetes, even though there is not a lot of research to tell us why. It could be that high blood sugar levels weakens you natural healing process and your ability to fight infections. Among women, bladder and vaginal infections are often common.

Diabetes can hold on to the sugars in your food in order to reach the cells which leads to constant hunger. This sign combined with loss of calories through urine can lead to weight loss. It can also give you extreme hunger, without your body getting a full feeling which causes you to gain weight again.

Extreme pain
Excessive sugar in your blood can lead to nerve damage. This can lead to tingling and loss of feeling in you hands and feet, just like pain in your arms, hands, legs and feet.

Itching skin
This is also known as pruritus and with diabetes it is usually caused by bad or irregular blood flow. When itching is caused by bad blood flow, like with diabetes, you will most likely feel it in your legs and feet. Using lotion can help relieving this irritation.