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Get rid of weeds! Thanks to tips from this gardener your garden will look beautiful again

Gardening is a great hobby to take up; it gets you outside, burning calories, and produces rewarding results. Whether you are brand new to gardening or you have a veteran green thumb, you know that gardening is a rewarding way to spend more time outdoors—or make the most of your indoor space!

While gardening is fun, it can also be very challenging. It’s a subtle art and science since many plants require delicately balanced conditions in order to thrive. Unfortunately, your plants aren’t the only once that bloom, weeds do too. Before you stock up on chemicals and expensive weed exterminators, read the following tips first. These gardening tips and tricks are easy and affordable, and will help you to get the best results this year!

1. Boiling water
With this tip, weeds will simply vanish. Just pour a pot of boiling water over the weeds. Be carful of your beautiful plants and flowers because they will also be affected by the boiling water.

2. Woodchips
In order to grow and survive, weeds need light. Therefore, it is an effective idea to cover the soil with woodchips. This way, the weeds will have a smaller chance of growing and disrupting your garden. This will require a thick layer of woodchips.

On de next page we have 6 more tips to get reed of weeds and will make your garden look beautiful again.