15 surprising ways to use Cola that you would’ve never thought off

After reading this article, you might never choose a Cola again. Although, with one can of Cola containing 9 teaspoons and Cola containing aspartame, that might be a good thing. Even if this might not be the healthiest drink, it can be very useful for another purpose: Cleaning!

1. Cleaning crusted pans.
Place the crusted pans in a bath of Cola and simply watch the crust peel off.

2. Cleaning the counter.
Moisten a towel with Cola and use this to easily clean the countertop.

3. Cleaning tiles.
Pour some Cola on the kitchen floor, let it set for a few minutes and the wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.

4.Polish silver.
Soak the silver in Cola for a couple of minutes. Then, simply rinse the silver. The Cola will loosen dirt and clear up stains.

5. Clean tarnished copper.
Could your tarnished copper use some new shine? Clean them with a cloth and some Cola. The acid will directly dissolve the stains.

6. Descale your kettle.
Boil some Cola in your kettle to descale it. Boil the Cola, scrub the kettle and clean.

7. Cleaning a toilet.
Pour a can of Cola over the edge of the toilet and onto all stains. Let the Cola set for approximately one hour and then rinse off the toilet.

8. Cleaning an oil stain.
Is your driveway covered in oil stains? Pour a bottle of Cola onto the stains. Let the Cola set for a couple of hours and then hose it down with the garden hose.

On the next page you will find more surprising ways to use Cola for cleaning.