15 surprising ways to use Cola that you would’ve never thought off


9. Removing rust.
The citrus acid in Coca-Cola can easily dissolve rust. Place the rusted items in Coca-Cola for 24 hours, then rinse with water and simply wipe them clean.

10. Cleaning grease stains.
Do you have grease stains on your clothes? Not a problem! Add the contents of one Coca-Cola can to your laundry, by combining it with the laundry detergent. This method also works well with blood stains.


11. Removing gum.
Do you have gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe, or worse, in your hair? All you must do is put some Coca-Cola on it and let it soak for a little bit, then you are able to remove the gum easily.

12. Cleaning a car battery.
If your car won’t start, you can remove the rust by pouring a can of Coca-Cola directly onto the battery connections. But only do this when the car is turned off.

13. Polish chrome.
Could your hubcaps use a nice polish? Clean them with some Coca-Cola and aluminum foil.

14. Remove paint.
Spruce up your metal furniture with a nice coat of paint! To remove leftover paint; soak a towel in Coca-Cola, place the towel onto the painted surface and let it soak. Then, simply watch the paint chips come off.

15. Removing the stench of a skunk.
Forget tomato sauce! Take a nice Coca-Cola bath and let the Coca-Cola soak into your body in order to get rid of that awful smell.

Who would’ve ever thought of it! Amazing, isn’t it?