With These Handy Tips, Cleaning Your Bathroom Is A Piece Of Cake

Cleaning and to keep your bathroom clean can be a very annoying job. Many people shudder from this, but fortunately we have found a number of practical ways to clean your bathroom. The only thing we ask of you is to think out of the box.

Step-by-step plan – Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the filter
In every room in the house, it is advisable to clean it from top to bottom – including the bathroom. In many bathrooms there is a filter in the ceiling for steam and cold air to drain. Dust is also present in both hot and cold air, which is why this filter is often dusty.

Try to detach the filter in the bathroom, brush up the filter and rinse the filter under the tap. Dry the filter thoroughly and replace the filter in the ceiling. By starting to clean the filter, you prevent the dust from spreading throughout the bathroom.

Removing soap with olive oil
White soap remains on the shower cabin and walls are difficult to remove. But not with olive oil. Take a baking spray (olive oil spray for example) and apply it to the spots with soap residue. Let the olive oil work for 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. You will immediately see a cleaner shower!

Cleaning the shower head
Fill a sandwich bag with some cleaning vinegar and put it around the shower head. Secure it with a rubber band so that it is securely fastened around the neck of the shower head. Let it work overnight and the next day the shower head looks as good as new!

Wait, you are not done yet. Drainage unblocking, bathroom jointing and cleaning the mirror can be found on the next page.