With These Handy Tips, Cleaning Your Bathroom Is A Piece Of Cake

Drainage unblocking Alka Seltzer
s it also time to unblock or clean your drain? Instead of using expensive cleaning agents, we use Alka Seltzer Stomach Effervescent Tablets to unblock our drainage.

Toss two tablets in your drain. And then pour a cup of vinegar and wait a few minutes. Then fill a tray or bucket with hot water and rinse your drain completely clean!

Dirty bathroom jointing
The chalk is gone, but that does not mean that all jointing in the shower room are also clean. For this, I have two ideas that you can do to clean those dirty jointing in the bathroom.

– Apply some toilet cleaner to the dirty joints and leave it for a few minutes.
– Pouring some cleaning vinegar on the joints does wonders.

Grab an old toothbrush (or an other rough brush) with both tips and clean the dirty joints again with some water. It will take some time, but your bathroom seems like a new one afterwards – the joints and the tiles are free of chalk and shampoo stains.

Cleaning the bathroom mirror
The bathroom mirror gets dirty very quickly and there are different ways to clean your mirror. But did you know black tea is also very effective to clean your bathroom mirror?

Clean with a lot of strength
Do you also have stubborn stains? Do not worry about taking a drill and attaching a cleaning brush to it. Use this together with your favorite detergent and stubborn stains will disappear like snow in the sun.