Do you want to lose weight? Then try one of these 11 different methods

Losing weight must be done in a healthy way. When you lose weight too fast in a short period of time, you will gain it back twice as fast. Most of us have difficulty losing weight, therefore we have put together an overview with 10 simple ways to lose weight in a healthy way. It won’t be the fastest way to lose some pounds, but these are the most effective ways

1. Counting calories

Do you want to lose weight or eat healthier? Then counting calories (via an app) is a method to gain more insight into the amount of energy that you eat and drink, and use for exercise and sports. The ratio between how much you eat and exercise is called the energy balance. We call it an energy balance, when there is a balance between the amount of energy from food and the amount of energy that your body uses.

You gain insight into your diet by counting your calories. In addition, it can prevent unforseen energy intake by functioning as an inhibitor so you are more able to hold back in the evenings, if you had already eaten too much. On the next page you will find 10 more healthy ways to lose weight.