Firefighters Warn About This Danger At Home. Do You Recognize It?

3. Fire extinguisher

Lots of them can be found in buildings, schools, our workplace and sometimes at home. But do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? Think of this mnemonic: PASS.

P – Pull the pin. It is there to prevent accidental discharge.
A – Aim low at the base of the fire. This is the where the fuel source is.
S – Squeeze the lever above the handle. Release to stop the flow.
(Some extinguishers have a button instead of a lever)
S – Sweep from side to side. Move toward the fire, aiming low at its base. Sweep until all flames are extinguished. Watch for re-igniting. Repeat as necessary. Have site inspected by fire department.

Also make sure that the fire extinguisher is easy to find, works well and has the recommended pressure level.