11 Foods to Never Put in the Fridge, especially 7

Try to picture a life without a fridge in your kitchen…. Impossible right? Where would you store all the milk and yogurt without it getting bad the next day? Unfortunately, not everything stays fresh in your refrigerator. On the contrary, some products will not stay fresh longer and are even dangerous to keep in your fridge! Were you aware of that? Me neither…

Let’s find out what those products are:

1. Tomatoes

After going to the supermarket you probably take your tomatoes out of the grocery bag and put them in the fridge don’t you? I know I did until I read this. This goes for all type of tomatoes even cherry tomatoes.


Because of the cold air in your fridge the ripening process of the tomatoes is interrupted which leads to the loss of texture and flavor and we don’t want that to happen now do we?

Keep your tomatoes fresh for longer by keeping them in a fruit bowl for example. That’s not only better for the taste of your tomatoes but it also adds color and volume to your fruit bowl!

2. Basil

Even if you can find fresh basil leaves in the refrigerated area of the supermarket, basil is actually not resistant to cold temperature and the plant will wither in your refrigerator in no time. Additionally, the plant will absorb the scent of the foods stored in your fridge.

To keep your basil fresh longer you should treat is as a regular plant or flower and put the stem of the basil in a glass of water. If you have some left over basil after preparing your meal, blanch the basil and put it in your freezer. This way you can enjoy your basil leaves for so much longer!

3. Potatoes

The fridge will cause the skin of your potatoes to go bad quicker. If you keep your potatoes in the fridge for too long you might notice that your potatoes will get a sweeter and maybe even sandier taste. This is because the starch that you find in your potatoes will process into sugar much faster.

Instead of keeping your potatoes in the fridge, keep them in a place less cold such as a pantry or basement. If you store them in a paper bag, it will provide your potatoes with better air circulation keeping them fresh for longer.

4. Olive and sunflower oil

Oil, such as sunflower or olive oil are absolutely not supposed to be stored in the refrigerator. These oils are best kept at dark and cool places such as a pantry. This way you can store your oil up until 18 months. If you store olive oil in your fridge it will turn thick, opaque and it will turn lumpy. This is because the cold will make your oil start to clot.

5. Onions

Onions are essential in your kitchen. You can use them for so many different dishes that it is practically harder not to use them while cooking. Because you can store your onions for such a long time you can buy them all year round. The only thing is that you need to know how to create the right circumstances for them not to go bad. This way you can keep the flavor and nutrition value of your inions intact for up until ten months.

The best way to store your onions is the same way as you store your potatoes (which was mentioned in the previous point of this list). Just do not store your onions next to your potatoes in the pantry. Because of the gasses that potatoes release the onions could go bad much faster. Preferably, keep your onions stashed in a cool and dry place.

6. Bread

If you keep bread in your refrigerator it will dry out much faster. If you don’t manage to finish the bread at once you can always keep a couple of slices in the freezer. That way the moment that you want to consume the bread you can defrost it and it will remain soft.

Try not to buy too much bread at once or for example try buying two halves of a bread loaf instead of one whole bread so you can eat one and keep the other one in the freezer.

7. Avocados

Avocados are delicious and anybody that is even a little interested in health knows that they should eat them on a regular basis because they are filled with healthy fats. These fruits are available all year round and get imported from South-America, Africa and Israel.

The downside of avocados? They go bad really fast. So I’m sure that they question on everyone’s mind right now is how to make these fruits last longer. Avocados are at their best when they are ripe because at that point they have the most flavor. At that point, and I know this might be hard, do not keep them in the fridge. Only if you have already cut the avocado in half then you can actually keep it in the fridge but make sure that you don’t remove the pit from the fruit. This way it will stay fresh for much longer

8. Coffee

I’m not really sure if there are still people out there that keep their coffee in the refrigerator but for the people that do, stop. Even if you have might have no space on your shelves or your kitchen cabinet don’t think it might be a good idea to store it in your fridge.

It is said that coffee would last much longer if kept in the fridge but that is not true at al. Just as tomatoes, fresh coffee beans absorb the scents from the other products stored in your fridge and as a result will end up tasting differently. As a matter of fact, the other foods in your fridge will even lose their taste. The best thing you can do is to keep your coffee in a dark container so the aroma of the coffee will not go to waste.

9. Condiments

A lot of people store their mayonnaise, chili and soy sauce in the fridge. Did you know that it is completely unnecessary to do so? Most condiments contain natural and artificial preservatives. This is the reason why on bottles of various sauces it says to preserve them in a cool and dry place but that doesn’t have to be a refrigerator. It can easily be in your kitchen cabinet. Even Mayonnaise and ketchup can be kept outside of the fridge. Beware of homemade condiments because these will go bad a lot faster so it’s advisable to store those in the fridge.

10. Honey

Honey isn’t only good but it is also very healthy. It is not wise to store your honey in the fridge because it will get thick and therefore will be harder to spread. If you leave it in cold temperature for too long, honey will crystalize which will lead to the loss of the sweet flavor.

Honey is best preserved in room temperature in a dry and dark place preferably in a closed jar. Honey doesn’t go bad but the quality of the honey can decrease after approximately two years.

11. Garlic

Garlic is used in tons of different recipes. You can get fresh garlic at the supermarket or you can grow it yourself in your garden. To keep your garlic fresh for a longer period of time it is good to know what the best way is to store it. It is best to keep your garlic in special so called garlic jars.

What you shouldn’t do is store your garlic in the fridge. The reason for that is that when garlic is kept in cold temperature it will germinate and go bad much faster. You should store garlic in a cool and dark place such as a pantry for example next to your onions.