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With this trick you will remove those dirty odours from your sink

One of the most common problems in many houses is an unpleasant odour from drains and pipes in the bathroom or the kitchen. From time to time, we probably all suffer from this bad smell from the sink. No matter how many times you use your sinks every day, fungi and odours can always occur, especially when it is very hot or rainy outside. However, you can do something about it – check out our tips to make the smelly sink smell fresh again.

Forget the air fresheners, because they only ensure that the unpleasant odours are hidden. With our tip you can easily remove dirty odours from sinks and pipes. You will use a combination of two environmentally friendly ingredients that remove fungi, grease residues and other substances that cause bad odours.

The ingredients to remove the odours from your sink are environmentally friendly and will tackle the problem effectively.

– 100gr baking soda
– 200ml white wine vinegar
– ½ liters of hot water

In this way you can remove the odours:
– Boil water.
– As soon as the water boils, add the white wine vinegar. Stir well.
– Now sprinkle the baking soda in the sink or drain pipe that you want to clean.
– Then add the hot mixture of water and vinegar in the sink.
– It starts to fizz, but this is completely normal. – Make sure you do not use the sink for at least one hour.
– The best thing to do is to let the mixture work all night.

If you repeat this at least once a week, those dirty and nasty odours will disappear and you will make sure that those odours will not be able to come back.